Family Tree Finder

Family Tree Finder

Family tree finder website will set you on the right track to researching your family history. Most families have one person in their midst, who takes on the mantle of finder / keeper of the family records / history, and as you are reading this information now, perhaps you are that person. Family tree research can be a fascinating journey back through time, piecing together a jigsaw of family memories, and all those important events such as births, baptisms, marriages, and inevitably, deaths.

How To Start Your Research

A good way to begin researching your family tree is to ask your immediate family (parents, siblings), whether they know of anyone who has already done any research with the family tree, or even paid for any tree research to be done, if so they may be able to give you some valuable information about ancestors. If this is not the case ask them for whatever family information they may have about forebears, for example, ask them about relevant dates of birth, baptism / christening dates if appropriate, marriage dates etc, and ask them whether they know of any family stories that may have been passed down through the various generations.

Then contact your extended family, perhaps grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and ask them the same questions. If your grandparents are living they can give you the names of your great grandparents, and great great grandparents, what they did for a living, where they lived etc. Usually somebody has some old photographs, which can give your tree a much more 3 dimensional feel to it. This basic information can give you an ideal platform to begin your journey back through time, becoming the finder of all that important family tree documentation. We can help you on that journey.

Free Research Forms Downloads

You can download a number of free family research forms (UK and US) at to help you begin your research. To view database records on these websites you will need to subscribe, but the research form downloads are completely free of charge. It is always a good idea to use research forms initially to collect and document the information you have. Using the forms tends to collate the births, marriages, and deaths information in an organised timeline, so that you can keep track of what information pertains to who in your family tree.


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