Family Tree Software

Family Tree Software

Family tree software is available for sale online at quite a number of places. Some genealogy software programs are quite sophisticated in their functioning, but even the basic software programs allow you to enter ancestors names, addresses, notes, family relationships, photos etc. The more expensive genealogy software programs will allow you to create more sophisticated ancestor charts and reports, family books, add audio and video files, which tend to give genealogy projects a much more personalised element to them.

You can even share your family tree if you wanted to, by uploading it from your computer to either of the Ancestry websites (.com or, or to Find My Past or Genes Reunited. You can configure your account settings to make your family tree either ‘public’ or ‘private’. A public tree can be viewed by all subscribers to whichever the website, whereas only basic details can be viewed in a private tree unless you give permission, a private tree is a good idea if you want to make your forebears/ancestors personal details available only to family.

Free Family Tree

You can create a free family tree on many genealogy websites including some of the websites mentioned already such as, or, Find My Past, and Genes Reunited. If you do have a free family tree on one of the genealogy websites however you have to go to the website when you want to view, ‘add to’ or amend your tree. Some of the genealogy websites mentioned above, notably Ancestry, support the data files from quite a number of family tree software programs also (if you currently have your tree saved in one), so uploading your existing tree to one of these sites is quite a straightforward process.

Some of the genealogy websites support gedcom files only (gedcom stands for ‘genealogical data communication’), but converting most family tree data files to gedcom files is quite straightforward, though it’s always good policy to backup your family tree before making the conversion to gedcom just in case of any glitches with the process. Uploading a gedcom to one the genealogy websites is quite simple and straightforward. On the other hand you don’t need to work with data files at all if you are quite happy with having your own family tree software program, or building a free family tree on one of the genealogy websites mentioned above.